Medix Clinical & Academic Research Consulting

Medix Clinical Research Consulting provides personalized services for rational solutions for small and mid-size Pharma and CROs, utilizing the regional coverage within the CEE countries. MEDIX and the associated European Academic Research Consulting Group offer the full scope of CRO services within the CEE region via an established relationship with partners of academic and research professionals.

Clinical Trials Services

  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Local/regional Clinical Trial Management
  • Regulatory Applications and guidance for regional trials
  • Country specific feasibility studies, clinical site selection
  • Study Coordination
  • Vendor and Project Management
  • Medical Writing Services

Clinical Project Management

  • Project management
  • Local/regional clinical trial management
  • Vendor and local services managemet

Medical Writing Services and Consultancy

  • Medical writing services
  • Medical and trial consultancy
  • Regulatory consultancy/CTA applications
  • User testing/readibility consultancy